Monday, 22 March 2010

Liverpool 21/03/2010

LUHG left on the back burner for this one as Old Trafford welcomed the old foe, and there were certain rituals and traditions to attend to. A game of total involvement from the stands, I've never known as many 'man on' cries in one game in my life. I wonder if SKY would have a stat for the games with the most 'man on' shouts?

Only had 26 minutes battery life on my camera for this one, which in one way meant I could get much more involved in the game, but in another way meant I didn't get one single 'man on' shout on tape. I got both United goals though. Double bad news for Liverpool, the little boy singing at the end means that this rivalry is embedded for generations to come.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Milan 10/03/10

Video from an extraordinary night in the Champions League. All the emotion of David Beckham's return, the LUHG show of colours and an incredible 4-0 win over the old nemisis means that this video is a bit of an epic to fit it all in. I apologise in advance, but it's worth a full watch if you have the stamina, the moment at the end when Beckham picks up and wears the green and gold scarf was worth a slow build up I thought.