Monday, 20 September 2010

Liverpool 19/09/10

Dimitar Berbatov's hat-trick was the star of the show in a 3-2 win for United. Berbatov's scissor-kick second goal and the unexpected comback from Liverpool made for a nail biting second half. Berbatov's winner ensured he is safely embeded in United folklore. All five goals feature in this six minute video.


  1. stupid FA pulling the youtube video! do they patrol VIMEO?

  2. I'm very careful not to break their rules. I don't know why they pulled that down, can't see what reason they had, no match action at all on it.

  3. Thanks for sharing a different angle in Old trafford!

    BTW, do you know anywhere I can get the usual songs singing around in Old Trafford? I wish one day I go there I know how to sing ~