Monday, 19 January 2009

Middlesbrough 29/12/08

This was the first home game since United won the World Club Cup and we were treated to a glimpse of it just before kick off. It was given a small slot between the team line up and the start of the game. You’d think it was the Pontins North West Reserve League cup that was being paraded the glamour that was attached to it. The line up broke up, Edwin Van der Sar ran down the halfway line with the trophy, to controlled and respectful applause. He tried to pass the trophy to other players, none would accept it until if was offered to Ronaldo. He took hold of it for a while, it was then handed to the young mascot who posed for a few photos before being escorted off by Fred the Red. The World Champion’s had to get on with a Monday night match against Middlesbrough.

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