Monday, 19 January 2009

Wigan 14/01/09

The Stretford enjoyed a night full of singing ‘City’s going down with a billion in the bank, a billion in the bank…’ It was a song they sung with great joy and mischief. On the car radio on the way home we heard all the speculation about City’s attempt to lure Kaka from AC Milan. A representative of Kaka’s came on the radio saying that it was possible, but it wasn’t just about money. It was about being part of a bigger project and winning the Champion’s League. We know Kaka believes in Jesus, but we can’t be so sure that he believes City can win the Champion’s League. I drove on down the road thinking about Manni when he used to appear on Soccer AM and was serially asked when the Stone Roses would get back together. His stock comic dismissal of the idea was always, ‘The day after City win the European Cup’.

Nenamja Vidic was outstanding in this game.

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  1. Kaka does believe in Jesus, I have no doubt; whether he believe's in Manchester City and their asperations is open to conjecture. Maybe he has faith enough to consider he might be delivered unto a great place some day and Manchester City is just a stop gap... Glory, Glory Leeds United. Salud!